Why Aren't There More Drift Camaros?

As cheap and as common F-Body Camaros are, why aren't there more of them in drifting?


I can see why it makes sense to start out with a Nissan S-Chassis, since chances are that's what everyone else at your local drift meet runs.

But why is it that there are so few of these rear-drive V8 musclemobiles going sideways?

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Solid rear axle is stronger than IRS, so you would think drifters would love the rear end. However, the one weak link in the camaro 4th gen was that it came with the rear end from the Chevy S10 and therefore cannot handle the power of the v8 for burnouts or drifts.

Upgrading to a 12 bolt or 9 inch rear end can cost 3-6k which nullifies the argument that camaros are cheap drift cars.

Enough with the handling discussions, any car can be made to handle well, and anyone with decent skills can make muscle cars take corners.