Who's Winning The IndyCar Championship This Weekend?

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Sunday will see the final race of the 2019 IndyCar championship take place at Laguna Seca in California, and the title has yet to be decided. Who’s going to be the one to take it home?


There are four drivers in contention this year from three different team, albeit with several different routes to the championship: Josef Newgarden from Penske has 593 points, Alexander Rossi from Andretti Autosport has 552 points, Simon Pagenaud from Penske has 551 points, and Scott Dixon from Chip Ganassi Racing has 508. With the final race of the season being worth double points, that means things are still pretty damn competitive.

All Newgarden needs is a 4th place finish or better to lock up the championship no matter where the other contenders place—but there are no guarantees that he can bring home the Astor Cup. IndyCar hasn’t raced at Laguna Seca in years, which means that it’s tough to make any predictions.


But I think Alexander Rossi has a pretty damn good shot at things this year. Every other driver he’s competing against has at least one championship under their belt. Rossi doesn’t. And he’s a hell of a hungry driver who isn’t afraid to get a little rowdy if he has to.

My money is on him. But we want to know—who are you rooting for?

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Rusty Starship

My money’s on Rossi. Er, well... I should say that I want to see Rossi win because I’m a Rossi fan. The guy drives his heart out every weekend. For Rossi, it’s not a matter of if he’s going to win a championship, it’s a matter of when.

Also, Rossi has a lot of experience driving around Laguna Seca over the years. Yes, it’ll be his first time doing it in an IndyCar, but he knows that track very well.

The rivalry between Newgarden and Rossi is one of the best things to happen to IndyCar in a long time. It almost feels like a battle of good and evil. Newgarden is a passionate driver, but he’s definitely the good guy, or incorruptible good, or whatever you want to call him. Rossi occasionally lets in the rage, and it turns into like, a red mist. Nothing’s better to watch than Rossi driving angry like he did at the Indy 500. Angry Rossi = best Rossi.

In the end, all I want to see is a competitive, close race in which everybody makes it through turn one on lap one without an RLLR wrecking ball flying in and ruining everything. And let’s face it, Dixon’s going to find some crazy way to pull off this whole thing in the end, anyway.