Whoa There Dreamers: Tesla Model X Configurator Is Invite Only

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The 2016 Tesla Model X costs $80,000 before you start adding options or tax breaks. But you’d only know that if you were on “the list” to buy one of the first ones. Now you just want to see it because you can’t, right?

Below we’ve got the complete breakdown of how you can spec an X. Looks like the cheapest 70D trim will come in at a little over $60,000 in states particularly favorable to electric vehicles.


If the price increases for a “85” larger battery model and “P” performance variant, plus $10,000 and $30,000 respectively, we can estimate the Model X 85D will start at $90,000 and the P85D at $110,000. All versions are all-wheel-drive.

So, with the $4,000 seven-seat option, $2,500 autopilot, a $4,500 prettification package, $2,500 air suspension, a $2,500 stereo, $1,000 “subzero weather package,” and $750 towing package (that’s everything) you can peg the MSRP of the 70D to $94,000. (Air suspension and towing is only available on the bigger-battery’d cars.) And if we’re right about P85D pricing, the most expensive Tesla Model X will ring up at $127,750. Or $117,750 in California, Deleware, Colorado, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Utah.


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