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Who Was The Worst Driver You Ever Met?

Also, what was it that made them the worst driver in your opinion?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Screenshot of a news report of a car stuck in the second floor of a house
Screenshot: WKMG News 6

I moved to a new apartment recently and, while I’m not exactly new to Atlanta, one thing that has surprised me so far is just how bad a lot of drivers in this area are. Just crossing the street in front of my apartment, I’ve already seen people drift into other lanes, nearly hit parked cars, pull into traffic just assuming other drivers will slam on their brakes or swerve to avoid hitting them and so much more. My favorite coffee shop in the area? Yeah, someone drove their car into it, and repairs are still ongoing.

Maybe that’s normal in your area. Maybe not. But as much as I’ve been thinking about bad drivers lately, it also occurred to me that I struggle to think of someone I’ve known who is the one true worst driver I’ve ever met. Sure, I know people who have been at fault for more than one wreck, plenty who have their fair share of speeding tickets, a few who couldn’t parallel park to save their lives, etc.


But I struggle to think of anyone I’d be uncomfortable getting in the car with based on their driving record. Considering there are so many bad drivers on the road, surely plenty of you have stories about knowing truly awful drivers. Maybe you have a coworker who insists that they can drive just as safely with their knee, so there’s no need for them to keep a hand on the wheel. Maybe you have an ex who couldn’t stop hitting other cars while attempting to park. Maybe one of your siblings treats the bollards at gas stations like scratching posts for their car.

Whatever the story of the worst driver you’ve ever met is, we’d love to hear it. Let us know all the (hopefully not actually gory) details down in the comments.