Who Should Run GM?

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Yesterday, GM CEO Fritz Henderson resigned (or fired!) and was temporarily replaced by a random old white guy with no car company experience. Clearly Ed Whitacre's the wrong person for the job. So, who should run GM?


We think Fritz's outspoken daughter Sarah would make a fine CEO. As she demonstrated on Facebook yesterday, not only does she have an excellent grasp of social media, but she also likely has the grit and determination necessary to run a company as troubled as GM. Her lack of experience shouldn't be a problem, because after all, if you listen to Ed and the new GM board, it didn't help her dad out. Also, lack of experience ain't stopping Ed. Plus, it looks like she likes to let her hair down a bit and that's not so bad.

The biggest problem GM's had the last eight months is no matter which head of the hydra, Fritz, Ed or Bob, was used to sell the company's image — they all look the same — some random old white guy. So, you know, it wouldn't be the worst idea to put someone in the CEO slot who represents the type of people they'd like to be selling cars to as opposed to the type of people they used to try and sell cars too.

But maybe we're wrong, maybe a college student isn't the best person to run our country's largest automaker. So tell us who is.

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If you vote for me, I promise the following:

I will bring back Pontiac as boutique sports brand with a reworked Solstice, a new Firebird, and a Zeta-based four-door coupe that honors the heritage of the GTO.

I will make Buick the new driver's car for discerning, gentlemenly sports driver that happens to have a fat wallet. All of the Cadillac luxury and quality, none of the useless Cadillac doodads, unless mandated by Federal law.

I will make Saab into a trendy, modern brand that is the epitome of cars with user-integrated technologies for those get enough of their iWhatevers. Essentially, they will be Acura, but with better-looking cars.

I will force GMC to live up to its name: General Motors Commercial, focusing on the commercial market with new medium-duty trucks and work truck versions of the the standard GM trucks (no personal luxury crap here), with products designed to be built to the taste and budget of the commercial buyer. Also, urban warfare vehicles.

I will ensure that Saturn remains dead as a doorknob.

I will bring back the Oakland name plate, and use it as a brand to sell small, hip, economic, plug-in all-electric cars city cars in dense urban environments such as New York, Boston, Detroit, and San Francisco.

The Aveo will die.

The Stingray concept will become reality.

There will be a new, obnoxiously big and chromed out Cadillac flagship.

Most importantly, if you vote for me, I promise there will be free orange beverage at my inauguration.