Who Owns Who?

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Today's official announcement of the sale of Ford luxe brands Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata got us thinking about the big picture. Yes, we were trying to map out in our minds what the global auto industry looks like these days. The only problem is the past few years have seen more brand swapping than a key party. For a while, the folks who run Cars! Cars! Cars! kept a page on each brands owned by each automaker — but that page hasn't been updated recently. Luckily we found a nice graph over at Too Many Cars to help sate our hunger for visual representations of brand ownership. Just ignore some of the spelling errors — like "Ventrue" — and otherwise it's great. Hit the jump for the big picture. Yeah — both literally and figuratively.


UPDATE: We've got one more graphic of which brands are owned by which automakers and it looks like a Tokyo Subway map gone crazy. Check it out here.

Click the image below to get the full high-resolution version.

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[via Too Many Cars]


Rob Emslie

@crespo: VW directly owns Lambo; they have given Audi supervisory management over the Italians.

There used to be a similar arrangement with Maserati: Fiat owns Maser, and gave Ferrari responsibility for managing teh brand. Fiat has reorganized that structure and now Alfa Romeo manages Maserati.