Who Needs A Mercedes 6x6 When This 6-Wheel Ford Ranger Is The Price Of A Nice TV?

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Ah, the mythical six-wheeled pickup truck. You might not be sure how or why, but you know it’s “better.” More wheels means more fun. Which is why somebody needs to turn their $700 into this wacky Ranger box truck and then turn the truck into something cooler than a reject A-Teammobile.


This 1984 Ford Ranger is for sale in the heart of Cincinnati’s car-customizing heaven, probably, for about what you’d pay to get a decent big-ass TV at Wal-Mart.

Image: Craigslist
Image: Craigslist

Sure it doesn’t have any paperwork and is being hocked on a suspiciously (sorry, I mean “appropriately”) shady Craigslist ad. And yes, the seller is already admitting the truck might be best suited for “turning into a trailer or used as storage” but come on; manual transmission!

This little baby would have shipped with about 80 horsepower when it was spanking new in ‘84, and is probably well short of that no matter how many cylinders it’s running on today. The original payload capacity (around 600 pounds?) has got to at least have a little boost with the help of the extra wheels.

Getting a title is going to be a pain in some states but it’s a freaking Ford Ranger. That means you can rectify whatever’s wrong with it for the lint and paperclips in your pocket.

At least it’s certainly going to be easier to get this thing running right than to make your own six-axle setup and superlong cargo box. As long as that extra pair of wheels was added “properly.” (I’m feeling good about that one.)


This is looking like more of a longshot with every line I type, so I’m going to hurry up and publish this so one of you brave Ford Ranger fanboys can take the reigns and do us proud.

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