One day, when humans are extinct and an advanced alien race looks back on the records of our civilization, they will marvel at how we allowed just about any idiot off the street to operate what are essentially 3,500 pound (or more) land missiles that can exceed 100 mph.

Of course, some of us can do that a lot better than others. And thanks to the miracles of YouTube and digital video, we can catch some of the worst drivers in the act so the rest of us can hopefully learn from their poor examples.


That's our question today: Who is the most obnoxious driver ever caught on video?

I love the video of this Hummer driver. It's old, but it's still incredible. Nothing quite says "AMERICA FUCK YEAH" like this awful, bloated, gas guzzling symbol of excess driving on the sidewalk and wantonly taking out road signs.

Your turn. Show us the worst drivers the Internet has to offer. They shouldn't all come from Russia, either.

Video credit Carscoops

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