Who Is The All-Time Greatest Daredevil?

Today Felix Baumgartner will jump out of a capsule 23 miles above the Earth. Is he the greatest daredevil of all time, or can we find one better?


We would certainly put our money on Ken Powers, who attempted to jump one whole mile across the St. Lawrence River in 1976. "Ha!" you say, "One paltry mile? Baumgartner is going 23 times farther than that – he's clearly 23 times as great a daredevil!" While Baumgartner has all of the equipment and technology money can buy, Kenny Powers tried to jump the river with a Lincoln Continental with a rocket on the back. Any human being can tell you how terrible an idea that is, but that just makes the jump cooler.


Who do you think is the greatest daredevil to have ever lived?

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Any person who decides to get married. It is one giant and only mildly informed leap of faith to be committed to one person for the rest of your life. Its daring, its hair raising, its frustrating, its dangerous, its all the things the typical daredevil does, but for a much, much longer period of time and far, far less ability to control all the variables involved.