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Who Drives Better, Men or Women?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you are to believe the stereotype, women are worse drivers than men. However, yesterday's QOTD was pretty revealing insofar as only 37% of the "Worst. Driver. Ever" tales involved females. That's right, 63% of the on road terror was caused by those of the Y Chromosome persuasion. I know I started off the fun by relating the story of a young lady with no skills whatsoever, but thinking back to all the really dumb car rides I've ever had, a pitifully low percentage of them occurred with a damsel behind the wheel. OK, but what about accidents? Not looking good for us men folk here either, as out of the four I've been in, three were caused by dudes. Two were drunk dudes, too. Dare we consider the ramifications of a stereotype being... wrong? What say you?