(Image: ???)

Last week, this tiny, vaguely phallic five-wheeled car-like contraption showed up in my Facebook newsfeed and has thus far completely eluded explanation. Help?

The original post I saw has been deleted, but it looks like at least one YouTube re-uploader has preserved it in the clip embedded here.

Unfortunately they’re no help in figuring out what exactly we’re looking at, insipidly identifying the “car” as “5 wheel super-car of the man Vietnam” in the YouTube title. (Yes, that is verbatim.)

Of the man, indeed. Seems like something was lost in translation there. Home-made, they might have meant?

At any rate, the vehicle could be in Vietnam, I guess. We know it can move under its own power,the video proves that much, but I have so many more questions! What is this powered by? Who built it? Can it turn?


The four-forward one-rear footprint is, well, “unique.” As in I’ve never seen it ever. That rear (drive?) (steering?) wheel is also massive, something like twice the size of the regular wheels up front—which already look pretty big compared to the pilot.

There is some text on the skirt, but the resolution of this vertical video is too poor for me to make it out.

I know if anybody can identify a thing on wheels, it’s Jalopnik readers. So, who has theories?