Photo: AP

Hillary Clinton’s old car, an ‘86 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera so deeply uncool that neither the White House gardener’s teen daughter nor the Clinton Library were interested in taking it, is officially for sale—not that anyone wants to buy it.

The car, which Hillary apparently drove to the White House after Bill was elected in 1992, currently belongs to the former White House gardener, appropriately named Mike Lawn.

Lawn told the York Daily Record he bought the car at auction in 2000 when it had “29,000 and change” miles on the odometer. (It now has about 30,000 miles—but we all make mistakes.)

Lawn told the paper he believes it was the last car Clinton ever drove, since president and First Ladies receive lifelong Secret Service protection, including driving services. Indeed, Clinton herself admitted she hasn’t driven a car since 1996, so Lawn may very well be right that this car was her last.



After purchasing the Olds, Lawn ultimately shoved the car in a garage after his then 16-year-old daughter recoiled in horror.

“She said it looked like an old lady’s car,” Lawn told the paper. “She didn’t know why it had cranks in the windows.”

The luxury car, if we define that term loosely enough, was apparently good enough for Chelsea Clinton, who reportedly practiced on it before getting her driver’s license.


But it wasn’t good enough for the Clinton library, which told the Lawn family it was not interested in the car because it hadn’t belonged to a president. Short-sighted? Maybe—or just a great excuse not to have to deal with a 30-year-old General Motors product.