Which Supercar Is Best?

Image credit: Kristen Lee
Image credit: Kristen Lee

To answer this question, first you have to answer how you define “best.”

Does “best” mean the car looks incredible, has a face-shattering top speed, stretches the boundary of what is physically possible and has an exhaust note angels would cry over?


For me, one of the “best” supercars ever made was the McLaren F1. Three seats, a gold-lined engine bay and a legendary V12 living inside it. This is the car that made our wildest science fiction dreams come true. I just don’t find it terribly... pretty.

The Bugatti Veyron is great, too, simply for being as technologically advanced, powerful, fast and comfortable as it was when it came out. I respected the hell out of it—still do—but that car never did it for me. I’ve only seen a handful in real life and I can’t say the Veyron excites me as some of the other supercars do. The Chiron is awesome, but as my coworker David Tracy pointed out, it probably will still go down as merely a sequel to the Veyron. I think he has a point.

Among all of The Supercars, I would say the Porsche Carrera GT is still my favorite. I love how it looks fresh today, how it’s numbingly powerful. I love that it has a manual and that it is hard as hell to drive—barely tamed for the road. And that sound! I hear that V10 and I die a little bit inside.

What do you think? Which supercar is best supercar?

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