Politicians love to pose with cars at events like the Detroit Auto Show to promote their support for the industry. But what do they actually drive?

It's easy for presidents, kings and popes. They get the best of everything. But what's up with those who haven't made it to the top of the political ladder yet, or never will?

I'm thinking Arnold Schwarzenegger here. Poor chap was born in Austria, so the constitution locks him out of the presidential game. Still, at least he used to have his fun with numerous Hummers.


In fact, he was probably the most famous Hummer owner in the world, an image he tried to get rid later on by switching his H1 to a Hydrogen-powered H3. Today, he drives an SLS AMG, a 911 Turbo, a Challenger SRT8 or an Unimog. Nope, no sign of tree hugging just yet.


But who is your favorite car nut politician?

Photo credit: AP Photo/Joe Raymond