Reader Mark writes in with a problem: "I realized it's become difficult for a true car guy/girl to buy a decent performance car that has no stigma associated with it." It's true. Which performance car carries the greatest stigma?

As much as we love the Corvette, owning one would classify us not as someone who appreciates a fine American sports car, but as a balding and uncreative dude grappling with a mid-life crisis. No 'Vette is immune — the track-chomping Z06 screams Chest Hair and Gold Chains, and the ZR1 may be a glorious engineering masterpiece, but when those doors open, you're not expecting Daniel Craig and Gemma Arterton. You're picturing a slightly overweight Tom Wopat and Shannon Tweed. It's not right, it's just the way the world works.

What performance car carries the greatest stigma, and what is that stigma?

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