Cool as they look, many military vehicles are actually terrible to drive. Some of them, though, we really do want to daily drive.

We got the idea for this question when reader TurbineGuy started talking about the truck he'd driven in the service when we were last talking about the Hummer brand.

I drove HMMWVs in the army, and never wanted to own one as a result. The only positive aspect to them IMHO is the fact the H1s were diesel-powered whereas the H2 & H3 were gassers. Had either of those two had a diesel option, I probably wouldn't have thought of them as wasteful penis-extensions.

TheMythIsReality also chimed in.

As a former motor pool guy, I agree about not wanting a HMMWV after driving several. The LMTVs and Hemmits though......

I blame driving those for me getting into trucking after the Army.

So now we wonder, what military vehicle would you want to drive every day? Those of you with experience behind the wheels of these things, please set us straight.


Photo Credit: Elliott Plack