Which Is Your Favorite Giugiaro Car?

One of the all time greats, Italdesign’s Giorgetto Giugiaro decided to retire at the age of 76. Here’s your chance to tell him which is your favorite of his many wonderful creations.


Giugiaro is often quoted saying that the 1980 Fiat Panda is the job he is the most proud of. During the car’s debut, he commented:

The Panda is like a pair of jeans, that simple, practical, no frills piece of clothing. I tried to bring into this car the spirit of military machinery, especially helicopters, that means light, rational, built-for-purpose vehicles.

Of course many Americans will remember his name forever for penning the DeLorean DMC-12, but one good look at the rest of his cars reveals just how many great designs rolled off his table in the last five decades or so.

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But which is your personal favorite, and why?

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Too many to think of. First one that comes to mind? The Alfa 159

wait, didn’t he also do that car’s father?

And its grand father before that?

Name one more person who’s career has been this talent-filled for this long.