Which Is Your Favorite BMW 7 Series?

The 2016 BMW 7-Series is out, and it’s not like we were shocked after the reveal since we already saw the car as early as last December. But now, it’s time to choose which one you like the most.


Personally, I would daily the first one (preferably in wagon form), but as far as luxury car design and smooth V12s go, nothing comes close to a clean E38, in black.

Of course, BMW has moved on a lot since the third-generation’s rather long production run ended in 2001, as the G12 represents the sixth incarnation of BMW’s most comfortable car.


1977-2015 in short:

Which would you park? In case the new one - well - you won’t even need to...

Photo credit: Cars Channel on Youtube


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E38 FTW. Just look at it. Last of the classic BMW design language.