The Monte Carlo Grand Prix is a legend among auto races. What city would also lend itself well to an exciting road course?

A good racetrack should have at least one long straight, a smattering of challenging curves, some elevation changes, and a little danger. A great racetrack, however, has all of these qualities combined in an entirely unique way, usually situated on a site of natural or man made beauty. Monte Carlo would be just as good a track if it were anywhere else, but the harbor in the foreground and the sound of the cars wailing through the tunnel make it a track without peer.

What other city might make a track as alluring as Monte Carlo? Why of course it's the Venice of the North, Stockholm. It's located on the water, and has such dramatic elevation changes that cliffs are not uncommon. Tunnels, twists and turns, grand boulevards, and bridges make it the perfect place to host a grand prix. It might not be as glamorous as Monaco, but at least you'll still have a place to park your yacht.

Stockholm's streets and geography could easily be turned into a racetrack. What other cities would make the most interesting races? Submit your suggestion below and try to use Google Map images or photos when possible.


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Photo Credit: Google Maps