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"On any given weekend, there's more Mazdas on the road-race tracks of America than any other brand of vehicle." So Mr. Dempsey tells us in the oft-repeated Mazda commercial. It sounds good and may be true. But is it relevant?


We've asked the always loquacious and often-times polarizing Jack Baruth, the author of SpeedSportLife's "Avoidable Contact," reigning champion in the high-stakes game of auto forum trolling and three-time runner-up for the "Color Blind Drivers of America Annual Achievement Award" to step in this week on Question of the Day. — Ed.


As a club racer and occasional Grand-Am competitor, I'm up to my ears in Miatas every other weekend. There are also a number of high-profile open-wheel series which rely on Mazda rotaries and Mazda-branded Duratec fours. Still, Mazda is conspicuously absent from the two biggest shows out there (NASCAR and Formula 1). And there are plenty of other manufacturers who have a strong presence across the racing community.

What matters more: paying $500 contingencies to autocrossers, or spending the eight-figure sum to bring Michael Schumacher back to the F1 grid? If you had to throw your support to a particular carmaker based solely on their involvement in motorsports, whom would you chose? Personally, I'd choose The New Chrysler, but I'm biased: when I'm not pulling Zanardi-esque moves down in the inside of the Corkscrew in somebody else's MX-5, I race a Plymouth Neon.

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