Even though today’s cars all seem to be be super soft in the sense that they have electronically assisted everything, some cars still require a lot of physical input to do what you want. Others are just so intense they take a toll on you and your passengers. Tell us which car is the most physically demanding!

The first few cars that come to mind for me are any of the open-top Morgans, which are still built on wood frames and often wire wheels, with leaky roofs and a ride that probably isn’t suited for long distance.

There’s also the McLaren F1, which is not only physically demanding just to climb into its center-mounted driver’s position, but is also known for its weighty steering and demanding attitude towards the driver.

Of course there are various other track specific cars with atrocious suspension, etc. so I’m sure this list can get lengthy.

Tell us which car you think is the most physically demanding. Show us picture too, while you’re at it.