Which Car Is The Biggest Guilty Pleasure?

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There are some things in this world that we want to do, yet societal pressures and practicality combine forces to stop us. Whether its eating a Baconator or dancing to the Wiggles, you would never be caught dead by your friends or family doing it. There are cars that bring up the same feelings.


I'm going to go ahead and suggest the Lamborghini Countach. That may be a bit controversial, so hear me out before you start foaming at the mouth about "supercars" and "Lamborghini" and "weren't you the one who made such an eloquent and stirring defense of all that that is good and holy in the world." Yes, I get what the Lamborghini Countach is all about. It's about being outrageous, it's about being vulgar. I know.

But it's one thing to go and say those things, and it's another to go and do it. Imagine pulling up to a family reunion, and seeing Aunt Millie, who loves you so dearly, even though she can't hear very well anymore, and gets you confused with your sister, but that's okay because Aunt Millie's been around forever. And then Aunt Millie sees through her enormous glasses that you've pulled up in this... this... thing.

Or your friend calls you and he tells you he's going through a bad breakup. "That's fine," you say. "Why don't we go for a drive? I understand you're stressed. A drive might calm you down." You know that sensitivity is key, so you pull up to his house in a giant red Lamborghini Countach, with flames spitting out the back. It's a bit embarrassing.

And yet, who wouldn't want to drive a Lamborghini Countach? They are, without a shadow of a doubt, fantastic. I mean, they're horrible to drive because you can't see and it's hot and the clutch makes you want a knee replacement, but the car itself is the ultimate expression of 80's excess. And who doesn't like a laugh?

Which car would you never been seen in, yet you yearn to drive? What's your deepest, darkest secret? Go on, tell us. Nobody will hear you. Just us and the entire Internet.


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Matt Brown

I just bought one of these. I'm not trying to answer the QOTW, I'm just bragging.