Which Car Company Would You Most Like To Work For?

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There are plenty of cars we'd all like to own, but which company is actually cool enough that we'd want to work there?


Name any car company on earth and an enthusiast can probably tell you at least one model the company's produced that they'd like to own. As much as we love to fanboy on our favorite brands and poo-poo the rest, every manufacturer does something well. But which one does corporate the best?

If I were going to work for a car company of my choice, that company would probably have to be Tesla. As we learned yesterday, there are some pretty cool people working there. It's a start up, which appeals to some (myself among them), and means there's going to be a lot of new projects and new ideas in the future. And they're obsessed enough with details to insist that the chrome trim above the window be a single piece for the entire length of the car. Tesla, call me?

But electric cars aren't for everyone. And maybe California isn't for you either. For which car company do you most want to work? Justify your love in the comments.

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David E. Davis

Subaru. They're located in Cherry Hill, NJ, about 40 minutes from my current home. I wouldn't have to move or anything. That and I've owned Subies for 20 years doesn't hurt either. I enjoy the engineering they put into their cars, they are a huge corporate sponsor for the MS city to shore bike ride (personal reasons) and have managed to maintain good sales increases as of late.