Which Car Company Makes The Best Semi-Autonomous Driving System? A Cargument

Okay, okay, so some people might have died while utilizing Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot system. It’s still the best one there is. Or it isn’t, because Cadillac’s Super Cruise is also a contender, and one Ryan Felton (wrongly) believes it’s better than Autopilot, plus it hasn’t killed anybody.


Ryan, who is wrong, is wrong. He cargues that because Super Cruise hasn’t killed anybody – yet – then it must be better than Autopilot. But in my experience with both, Autopilot is smooth and civilized and lovely. Super Cruise, while never quite leaving a lane, will ping-pong back and forth within it. It’ll stop short. It’ll flash red at you and make your butt vibrate.

Okay, it’s not quite terrible, but Autopilot is better.

Or it isn’t.

It’s time for a cargument.

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