Which Car Company Has The Best Colors Right Now?

A great car color goes a long way, but which company has the greatest selection?

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Photo: BMW

You got your Nardo Gray, Laguna Seca Blue, Mint Green, Grabber Blue...there are a handful of colors that have seared themselves in our little car-person brains so completely that we remember their names. And while grey, black and white seem to have become the preference of consumers over the last decade or so, a great paint color can still drastically increase the appeal of a car.

Hyundai’s Performance Blue was an instant classic, the humble Chevy Equinox got a great shade of green called Ivy Metallic and I was actually inspired to ask this question by a little blue/green Chevy Trailblazer I spotted at a Speedway station the other night.


I haven’t been playing closest attention to BMW’s cars over the last few years but I’ve been stopped in my tracks by a number of their paint color choices lately. The Thundernight Metallic shown above on the new, fantastic looking 2 Series is monumental, just a perfect joyful color to paint a small sporty coupe. There’s also Sao Paulo Yellow, Isle of Man Green Metallic, Barcelona Blue Metallic, and Ametrin Metallic—seriously, go to their site and check out this paint. As good as it looks in renders, the in-person depth and how light plays off it is really something else.

So, obviously I’m gonna hand this to one BMW. There are a lot of inventive, interesting colors getting sprayed on cars these days, but BMW is on an entirely different level in my humble opinion.


But what about you? What do you think? I’d love to be reminded of a darkhorse candidate I haven’t thought of. Is there a mainstream carmaker that’s been kicking ass on the paint front, or am I missing some supercar shop? Which car company has the best paint colors right now?