To steal a phrase from Bob Lutz, there are a lot of damaged brands out there. Off the top of our head: Mitsubishi, Buick, Lincoln, Mercury, Pontiac, Isuzu (Isuzu?), Saab, Jaguar and Volvo. And if we're being honest, you can even throw Dodge, Chrysler and Cadillac on the pyre. Recent memories for all of the above consists largely of nothing but billions and billions of lost, sullied reps and tarnished images. We were all shocked a decade or so back when both Plymouth and Oldsmobile got put out to pasture. But if we stop and think, do we really miss them? At all? Historical importance is one thing, but what have you done for me lately? Who would cry a tear if Mercury vanished? We already don't have a Cougar and lord knows what demographic a Mariner is supposed to appeal to. Given their current line up, if you woke up tomorrow and both Buick and Saab were no more, would you notice? Are you telling the truth? We're keeping our mouths shut, but are very interested to know what you think.