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Considering all of the automakers have a public message of "shush" when it comes to the current round of negotiations with the UAW, it's weird to see specifics showing up in today's Detroit News. As the automakers and the UAW look to create voluntary employee beneficiary associations (VEBAs), entities set up to assume responsibility for hourly retiree health benefits. These VEBAs only make sense if the automakers are able to transfer the health care liabilities to the UAW at a discount. But everyone kind of expected the nitty-gritty with union leaders — who agree with the companies on this in principle — would be occurring behind closed doors. Except some "executive" at some "company" seems to believe the Detroit News is part of the area behind their closed doors:

One executive told The Detroit News his company could afford 60 cents on the dollar, but said 70 cents would be "pushing it."

Given the author, we've got a pretty good idea which member of the band formerly known as "The Big Three" is trying to negotiate with the press on specific VEBA funding percentages, but we're wondering which automaker y'all think it is — anyone have any ideas? [via Detroit News]