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Which Automaker Has The Best Logo?

Illustration for article titled Which Automaker Has The Best Logo?

Forget power, forget handling, forget even looks or quality or comfort or coolness. Which automaker has the coolest logo, the best visual sign of their brand?


While they may be refreshed from time to time, few automakers completely overhaul their logo. That's because this is the sign on the front (and back) of the car that tells you what it is. Most people wouldn't recognize a new Ford Fusion if it weren't for the blue oval hovering over the grill. It's the most integral part of an automaker's brand image. This isn't the hood ornament, or the font, or something similarly frivolous, but the most basic expression of a car's identity.

If we had to choose one, we'd have to go with a classic: the Alfa Romeo. 14th century crowned snakes with trident tongues, Milanese emblems, and just about every tasteful color under the sun. What more could you ask for? Plus, for the less well informed among us, it even says Alfa Romeo on the badge to avoid any and all confusion.


As logos go, Alfa's is hard to beat. But if you think you've got an idea that might do the trick, or even come in just behind, lay it down in the comments.

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Photo Credit: Brian Snelson

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Most of my favorites are from the art-deco period. Here's Cord.