Where Should Tim Tebow Road-Trip In The Offseason?

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Tim Tebow has been the biggest story in professional sports this year, but his season is now over. It's time to hit the road and think about things. Where should Tebow go in the offseason? And what should he drive there?

Tebow is an all-American success story: a kid with faith and guts and some kind of luck who defied the experts to...well, if he didn't go all the way, he went a lot farther than was reasonably expected. But now he needs to get away from the endorsement opportunities and sycophants and everything rushing him like the Patriots defense did. Two words: Road trip.

My call? America's new son should meet the Mother Road. Get a good easygoing convertible — an early-Seventies Pontiac Le Mans or Buick Skylark — and drive the old Route 66. Take some time to reflect, maybe get some friends to travel along some of the way, go make the year of some small storefront Baptist congregations, and just let slip the worries of the game for a while. The coaches will be calling for training soon enough.


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Why is this the QOTD? I only know about this guy from people commenting on Oppo, the only American football game I've ever watched was in 1984 I think. He sounds like a brainwashed individual so I think he ought to go to some other places and learn a few things.