Where’s The Easiest Place To Speed?

Not that we condone it, but where's a place you're basically guaranteed not to be caught?

While speed traps can spring up just about anywhere, there are a few locales where people go to check out what their car can really do. Whether it's because the density traffic just doesn't justify monitoring the speed, or because the geography would make it impossible for a cop to hide, where are the places you know you're not being watched?


If you've ever driven through central Pennsylvania, you've probably found yourself on Route 581. It's a connector road for I-81 and I-83, and for almost its entire length it's completely penned in by concrete barriers, meaning there's nowhere for anyone to hide. Though saturated by heavy traffic from morning to midnight (as evidenced by the picture), if you find yourself there at the witching hour, chances are you're without any other motorists, including police.

Where else is it hard for cops to catch speeders? If you know from first hand experience or from word-of-mouth, leave it in the comments. Drive responsibly.

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Photo Credit: Thomas McIntyre

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