Where Is The World's Most Impressive Tunnel?

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With all the tunnel-flooding stupid Sandy has done, we thought it time to review some of the world's coolest underground roads.

Manhattan has a number of automotive tunnels connecting it to Brooklyn, Queens, and New Jersey. Right now, you can drive through about 50% of them, as the Brooklyn-Battery is full of water and the Holland remains closed. But of tunnels you can drive through, which one is the coolest?


This might be cheating, but we're going to have to go with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. It's a 23-mile long monster the dips in and out of the mouth of the Chesapeake, allowing you to travel from the cleverly named DelMarVa Peninsula into southern Virginia right along the coast. It actually has two two-lane tunnels connecting three massively long bridges, handing traffic off to each other on four different artificial islands. Driving across this engineering marvel is quite the treat, and it's highly likely you'll get a good look at some aircraft carriers and battleships heading in and out of Norfolk

Trying to take fewer liberties than we have, what's your favorite tunnel? What's the coolest tube you can drive your car through? Leave your suggestion in the comments..


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Photo Credit: HeatherMG