Where Is The Easiest Place To Get Your Driver’s License?

Here at Jalopnik we’ve taken driving tests in a lot of different places. But where is the easiest place to get your license?

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A photo of California driver's license with the caption "where did you pass your test?"
Where is the easiest place to get your license?
Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Passing your driving test is a right of passage for any car fan. Once you’ve got your hands on that small plastic card, the world is your lobster. But with regulations changing from state to state, and varying wildly in different countries, where is the easiest place to get your driver’s license?

We’ve been discussing this in the Jalopnik office this morning, as we have drivers who passed in New Jersey, Connecticut and Michigan. We even have a few past and present writers who’ve taken their tests abroad.

So, while New Jersey may make you sit a test on closed roads for around two minutes, not everywhere has it that easy. Tests in the UK are a 45-minute affair that packs in parallel parking, reversing round a corner, emergency stops and a host of other maneuvers to test your mettle.


Clearly, not every driving test was created equal.

But what was it like when you first got your license? Was it a simple affair and, if so, do you think it’s the easiest place to pass your test?


Whether it was here in the USA or further afield, we want to hear all about everything you went through to get your hands on your first driver’s license. How long was the test, what were you examined on and, most importantly, did you pass?

Also, what car did you sit your test in? I’ve done two driving exams now, once in a diesel manual Toyota Yaris and the other, just yesterday, in an automatic Hyundai Elantra. Neither of which were particularly exciting cars to drive.


So, now is your time to take to the comments section to tell us everything about your driving test and whether you think it was the easiest one out there. We’ll leave today’s QOTD up over the weekend and will compile the answers on Monday afternoon.

That should give us plenty of time to uncover the easiest place to get your driver’s license.