Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Car Right Now?

Lower taxes, less paperwork and more vehicles on offer could all help decide the best place to buy a car.

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Where’s the best place to buy a car right now?
Photo: Mladen Antonov ANTONOV / Staff (Getty Images)

One of the more annoying things that I’ve had to get used to on my stateside move is the addition of tax on top of price tags. I’m sure you’re all used to it now, but it always irks me that you have to guess or calculate what the final price of a purchase might be.

If I’m just buying a box of teabags or a new winter coat, like I did on the way to the office today, that’s not really a big deal. But for something substantially bigger, like a car, that’s more than just a mild annoyance.


That isn’t the only headache you might have when buying a car, though. On top of that, there’s licensing hurdles to hop through, insurance companies to liaise with and maybe even emissions and safety inspections to carry out on your new vehicle.

All of these can make buying a car much more of a faff [read: hassle] than you’d like.


But, at the opposite end of the spectrum, are there any places that make buying a new set of wheels a breeze? Where is currently the best place to buy a car?

Maybe it’s somewhere with less taxes or fees associated with a sale, or somewhere that has managed to streamline the whole process to cut out any administrative headaches.


Additionally, in the world of sky-high prices and vehicle shortages, the best place to buy a car might actually be the only place to buy a car. Maybe, wherever you find yourself now has a great stock of cars to chose from, both fresh from the factory and pre-loved classics offered at a bargain price.

Let us know in the comments section where you think could be the best place in the world to buy a car. We’ll round up some of the top suggestions later on today.