Where In The Northwest Do I Take Merc's Biggest, Brownest Gas Guzzler?

Matt might be driving an Audi R8 across the country next week, but right now I'm trekking across the Northwest of our great nation with some friends (pictured) in the most economical car currently on sale in America, the Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG. Wait, that's not right.


So why a 5.5 liter twin turbo 550 horsepower 5,800 pound behemoth of a truck for a trip around the notoriously green Northwest? Well, in the past I've professed the glory of driving a gas guzzler on a road trip. And this thing is the opposite of what I'd call a gas sipper.

We've driven from Seattle to Vancouver in the last 24 hours, and we're averaging a simply astounding 13.4 MPG. Granted, a lot of that comes from in town driving, as well as one spirited back road adventure to see how the big Merc holds up when you give it the beans.

Unlike the G63 I drove recently, the GL63 is quite composed in bends (a shock) and so freaking comfortable. And it better be, we've got a long road ahead.


Right now I'm in Vancouver (which I hear is in Canada), but will be heading south into "Oregon" and then back into Seattle, Washington, DC over the course of the next week.


So what should we see, what should we do, what shouldn't we do? Let me know!

Also, the photo below is from the top of the Space Needle. The GL63 is in this pic. Find it. Person who finds it wins nothing.


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