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I’ve never run out of gas. I’ve come close, but I’ve always made it to the pump in time. My sister though? She ran out of gas and in one of the worst places.


Trying to get here their before her flight, one of my sisters was driving the other to the airport on the highway when the low fuel light when on. Just short of the off-ramp that leads to the terminal, the car limped to a stop on the shoulder. With the help of a friend, the sister with the flight made it there just in time and with the help of a stranger and a siphon, the car was moving again not long after.

I was thankfully far away in the other hemisphere so I was spared from the sibling drama, at least till the next episode rolls around. At least they all made it to their destinations safely after those tense few minutes before the solution came into view. If a flight was missed, it could have been a mess and that would still have been a relatively simple stop on the side of the highway compared to other empty-tank tales.


So where have you run out of fuel? How did you get moving again? Tell us the story in the comments below!

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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