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Jay Leno's Garage is the place many of us would build given lots of free time and ridiculous amounts of money. A perfect and pristine Garage Mahal now sullied by a few of my Caswell Motorsports stickers. And I'm not telling him where they all are!


I got invited to take a tour of Jay Leno's garage courtesy of friend and sponsor Randy Chase of Chase Cam (blatant plug!). Leno only uses American manufacturers and Randy's cameras are made here in the U.S.A.

Before going to Leno's Big Dog Garage I was explicitly told I was going to be searched for stickers, which just encouraged me to find better places to hide them. And I did.


Because it's obvious I'll let on to Jay that there are some stickers in the can, so he's going to see my name when he craps. Just the way it is.

I should mention, although it's well documented here and everywhere else, there's a lot of sick machinery in there. Cars I've never seen before. One-of-a-kind stuff and the best auto art I've ever seen. The old race cars before roll cages were my favorite. The ultimate sleeper. Looks like a regular car but actually built for Le Mans kind of thing. Oh yeah, he has a nitrous-fed SHOgun.

Love you, Jay! Good luck finding the other stickers...

Photo Credit: Greg Jarem / Mercedes-Benz /Bill Caswell

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