Where Cash For Clunkers Money Is Being Spent

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More than $600 million has been requested for Cash For Clunkers vouchers. But where's it being requested from? Below, a state-by-state analysis of where the money's heading.

The natural assumption would be states with the largest populations would be requesting the most money from the CARS Act pool of just-under-a-billion-bucks. Actually, domestic car-producing states who have a large stake in the industry, are where most of the transactions are occurring.


According to data from the NHTSA, Michigan is the highest-ranked state in terms of spending with $34,420,500 in voucher requests through Monday afternoon. This far outpaces Ohio, which is in second with $29,274,000 in requested vouchers. California is the most populous state in the nation, but is in third with $26,433,000, followed closely by Minnesota with $26,168,000 in requests.

The smallest states do tend to correlate more closely with population, with Wyoming and Vermont near the bottom with $302,500 and $1,650,000 respectively. The division with the least number of trades? You'd think it'd be the territory of Guam, which had a singular Cash For Clunker request for a total of $4,500. It's not. The District of Columbia beats Guam out with a total of zero Cash for Clunker requests. That's right, not a single person in Washington, DC took advantage of the program. Go figure.

Overall, Cash For Clunkers appears to have popularity across the map with the highest concentration where people are concerned with the performance of the Not-So-Big Three. That makes sense to us.

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