Where Can You Rent Or Borrow An Awesome Vintage Car In The NY/NJ Area?

Full disclosure, I'm posting this for entirely selfish reasons. Not to help me, though, to help somebody else. Gawker Media employee Kanwar Kultar Gill is getting married soon and needs a cool vintage car for his wedding. Can we help him out?

His wedding is in early March. It's in Sparta, New Jersey, which is about an hour and 20 minutes outside Manhattan. I don't live in either and I'm not familiar with car rental services in the area, but you guys might be.


Here's what he and his fiancee are after:

Personally, I dig vintage... 67-72 TR6 in BRG. The fiance is very much in line with myself as far as cars and motorsports (Huge Button & mclaren fan and is more into WEC than I am hah) except she likes the newer exotic trend.

I've been giving free reign in car choice so long as the cost is reasonable.. and that's the tough bit... getting the cost to be reasonable while also finding something that's inline with complementing her for the weekend (Wedding Sat, Reception Sun).

Any ideas where one could rent a cool car — preferably an old British sports car — in that area without breaking the bank? I'd be hugely appreciative if the Jalop collective could help him out, because I don't know where to start.

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