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4K “Ultra HD” video resolution is no longer new-fangled technology, so there should be plenty of cool car content that’s been made in this extra-sharp format by now. I’m hoping the Jalopnik commentariat can give myself and other TV owners some good ideas of what to watch.

Jalopnik’s California office, my dumpy apartment on the west side of Los Angeles, which are both the same place, has just been upgraded with a big ol’ television. I’m surprised to report that, functionally, it’s pretty much a phone. And I’m sure anyone who’s bought a TV in the last couple years is laughing at me already. Whatever man, the last TV I owned was as fat as it was wide, OK?


Anyway I am keen to test the limits of this device’s capabilities and I’m sure there are other TV-owning gearheads who would also dig some suggestions on where the highest-rez car videos are hiding.

So far I’ve found plenty of slow-build set-to-electro panning videos of stanced cars and couple of pretty but socially obnoxious ones... but there’s got to be more exciting 4K car stuff out there somewhere. What’s blown you away since 4K came out a few years ago?

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