Where Are The Little Cars, Light And Lithe?

A beep beep little car Datsun Fairlady 200. Photo Credit: Nissan Heritage Archives
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Cars today: too big, too heavy. Ugh oof strain cramp ugh.

Where have the small cars gone? Where is their little limber lightness? Where is their lithe, luscious lightness?


Have they really all been regulated away, the stern big furrowed brow business bureaucrats ordering in crumple zones and balloonish proportions? Even our carbon Alfas lug around a thousand kilos plus.

Have they been banished from roads and to tracks, like BACs and Ariels and Radicals and Caterhams and KTMs?

Or have we simply lost our loving looks to their littleness? Do we fear the world too close to our sides faces cheeks skin as we skim the ground in our wheeled conveyances?

I certainly dream of the day our carbon composites return our cramped and cozy cars to our car markets. Until then, longings and memories.

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Raphael Orlove

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.