Where Are The Large Cars Of Beauty And Grace?

A Oldsmobile 98, which was like the large Oldsmobile 88, but larger. Photo Credit: Oldsmobile
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Think of their bounteous presence broadly and bigly traveling the roads: they are the large cars of beauty and grace. But where are they?

No longer on the showroom floors of our nation.

No longer in the service stations of our dealer locations.

The SUVs snuck in and whish whoosh took their place. These are the tiptoeing elephants of the autoscape. And this is why Cadillac’s only Cadillac is the Escalade, why Rolls Royce is planning an SUV. They are large, but they are trucks. They all shine truckiness from their hearts, even those built like cars.


The large cars lie in our hearts, abandoned by the carmakers, but preserved in mind and memory.

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