This is a Nissan 240SX with the retro Plymouth Cuda-lookalike Rocket Bunny Boss kit, lifted and turned into a prerunner. It is blowing my mind right now.

It looks like the build was done by this Japanese offroad garage by the name of Top Rankaz. Here’s their website, here’s their Facebook page, here’s their coverage in a Japanese car magazine, and here’s their original video.

Also here is their header image for their Facebook page, just so you know how awesome they are.

They caption the post from early this month with “During training for next week in Hida Takayama MPC! ️(untranslated: 来週の向けてMPCに 飛騨高山で特訓中!)” No, I have no idea what that means.

Here are some pictures from their Facebook page of the build. Here’s how the car looked when they got it, as far as I can tell.


That Rocket Bunny kit takes some cutting and chopping, which they did indeed do.


Well, more chopping than the kit requires.

Here’s the inside.


Here’s the car all painted.

This is what bumpers should look like.


Don’t tear off that exhaust!

The car then got a bit of a graphics package for Rocket Bunny. This is still a pretty new bodykit, and it’s bonkers that such a hot car got the prerunner treatment. Offroading has a good look these days.


Yes, I want this desperately.


(Hat tip to Because Racecar and Chris Duplessis!)

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