When Oldsmobile Claimed To Be Better Than God

Sure, God, you did pretty well with most of that nature stuff you made — flowers are sure pretty and, man, are anchovies tasty. But let's be honest here, you made some pretty big screw-ups as well. Like putting brains, of all things, inside horse skulls. What were you thinking, Almighty? Oldsmobile would like to know.

This ad for turn-of-the-century Oldsmobiles does make some valid points, even if it does dare to second-guess Nature itself. A horse, as a living, thinking creature, may not always want to haul your bowler-hatted ass around all over the place. But a nice Curved-Dash Olds, well that "mechanically perfect" contraption would just be delighted to go wherever you want. If it had a brain to be delighted with, which it doesn't.


What makes this ad fascinating is that it's from that short period in history where people might have cross-shopped a living horse with a mechanical car, a situation that's not likely (I hope) to happen ever again.

I also especially like how the ad sort of hedges its bets by stating "Pre-supposing brains in it's [sic] owner," which is perhaps one of the best automotive advertising disclaimers I've ever heard.

This ad could also be taken as proof of why Oldsmobile will never, by policy, release an autonomous car. Well, that, and their lack of existing anymore.

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