When Mother Nature Conquers Your Jeep

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Big splashes, clear and present danger, and oh yeah—no adventure is complete without a good water crossing! Just don’t forget how high the stakes really are before you plunge your SUV into the abyss in the middle of nowhere.


Viewer be warned: a man unintentionally moons the camera at about six minutes and 30 seconds in. You can’t make this shit up.

We’ve seen quite a few water-feature fails by folks in 4x4s but this is one of the most brutal to watch. So what’d Mr. Grand Cherokee do wrong?

Well first off, it seems pretty clear he has no idea what the surface below the water looks like, as evidenced by his arbitrary directional changes mid-crossing.

Then there’s that whole chickening-out midway and simultaneously trying to reverse and turn. And all that spinning the wheels when the car’s not moving? Yeah, that’s pretty much the first thing Not To Do in any driving quagmire.

But before any of that even becomes a factor, check out how fast that water is moving!


Could a river at that speed be crossed by a car? Yes, under the right conditions it could. But the quicker things are moving the quicker they can go pear-shaped, and if you’re as inexperienced as the pilot of this Grand Cherokee appears to be you really ought to start on the bunny slope.

Looks like he’ll be starting with a new truck first. That poor Jeep guzzled gallons on gallons. Hopefully it didn’t catastrophically pollute a fresh water source by pissing out too much of its own fluids.


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Every monsoon season, people with usually jacked-up pickups or garden-variety SUVs get towed out of washes ... usually after driving around the barricades blocking the way. Governments being what governments are, Arizona made itself a, “stupid motorist law.” Really, that’s it’s name. You go around a barricade to drive through a flooded wash, you get stuck, you get towed, you get to pay the state for the cost of towing you out.