When is it time to let a car die?

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It's the most vexing decision in any long-term car owner's life. That is, judging when you should just let your old car go, rather than sink more cash and/or elbow grease into it. When is it time to let a car die?


We're going with "cracked frame." Aside from being a prohibitively arduous DIY fix for anyone without serious welding experience (and a line of credit at the local junkyard), major chassis issues — whether an actual cracked or bent frame, or similarly damaged unibody — are among the most expensive repair jobs. Sadly, this is the point at which you'll want to consider moving on, unless your devotion to the old heap outvotes your wallet. (Photo: Evgeny Varlamov/Shutterstock)

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After it has sat in your driveway, unable to move under its own power, for more than 6 months and you have too many other importatant things to work on around the house.

Yeah... I just had to let my old truck go this spring after the transmssion went last summer. With all the shit I had to work on, including other car and house issues, I had to make the decision to let my truck (A 91 Dakota named Del Scorcho) go to the scrap yard...

I wrote his tribute here at www.autojunkie.net

Look for the entry titled "The Legend of Del Scorcho"