When Do You Know It's Time to Give Up on Your Car?

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As much as we fight and fight against the fact, our cars probably won’t stick around with us forever. Eventually things start to break, costs start to mount and it just doesn’t make sense to keep them around anymore.


Jalopnik’s own Erik Shilling is going through this very internal debate right now. He drives a 2008 Honda Fit. Unlike in the photo above, his is a very nice shade of blue. Unfortunately, the Fit has some problems.

Erik recently got an estimate for repairs back from the dealership. Among other things, the shop found that the A/C compressor and condenser fan need to be changed and the system needs an evac and a recharge, the brake fluid needs to be flushed, the throttle body needs service and an alignment needs to be done.

The estimate came out to $3,100. The car is worth around $5,700. I’m not sure what Erik is going to do.

Has something like this happened to you? When the repair bill comes back so high that you start to lose justification in keeping the vehicle? How and when do you know it’s time to let go?

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