When A Ferrari Daytona Is A Family Car

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While Goodwood’s public parking lot might appear to be full of them, as Ferrari 365 GTB/4s are getting more and more expensive every year, many of these wonderful Pininfarina creations get turned into stationery garage queens. But not this one.


Matthew Lange’s dad bought this Daytona used in 1974 to use it as a company car for the next four years or so. Almost three decades later, he gave the keys to his son so that he could enjoy the proper stuff after getting a bit of experience behind the wheel of a similarly balanced Porsche 944. While the Daytona is up on power and down on grip compared to the Porsche, it still turned out to be a very useable classic that’s the perfect tool for a road trip across the old continent.

Of course 45,372 miles since 1973 is not the sort of figure a proper daily driver would turn up with, but being a UK car means this Daytona has to take cover in the winter despite being fairly robust for an Italian grand tourer with a V12 up its nose.

If you have a car like this, you have to drive it. Do it for the kids, or do it for yourself. It’s a win-win.



That’s my Daytona in the vid and was one of the ones in the car park although not one in your photos. The true mileage is around 56-57000 miles the original speedo broke sometime in the seventies.