Wheeler Dealers' Edd China Asks You Not To Send Death Threats To Mike Brewer

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The world of “car television that isn’t actually terrible” is embroiled in a big shitstorm as of recently, when Wheeler Dealers’ chief mechanic Edd China announced he was leaving the Velocity show after the network planned to make it more terrible. So the internet responded the way the internet does: by sending death threats to China’s co-host, Mike Brewer.


China said he’s leaving Wheeler Dealers because Velocity deemed the show “too difficult to make” and wanted to cut back on his in-depth repairs in his workshop, reducing his role on the show. Naturally, and perhaps admirably, he decided to walk away instead, while Brewer will stay on. 

Brewer, a longtime friend of China’s, will stay on the show with new co-host Ant Anstead. And in a new YouTube message, China said that while he and Brewer maybe aren’t seeing eye-to-eye at the moment, they’re still cool and seem confident they’ll get past it.

But China says that Brewer and his family have received “a lot of abuse, and even death threats, over my leaving the show.” Here’s the video:

Awful! But not surprising, because the internet is full of angry, screaming babies. Would anyone act on such a threat? Probably unlikely! But nobody should have to deal with death threats, especially over something as trivial as a car show.

Lifehack: don’t send death threats. It’s a shitty thing to do.

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Do people still send the old school death threats through mail or is it mostly email and texts these days? Something charming about receiving a letter with type face cut out of various news and magazine clippings detailing the horrific demise I’m about to face.

Guess I’m just a sucker for the nostalgia of it all.