What's Your Urban Parking Nightmare Story?

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This morning I was sitting on my balcony drinking my coffee and daydreaming about discontinued French hatchbacks l like I normally do when I heard screaming coming from the street below. There was an altercation. About parking.


Someone had pulled their car into the temporary loading zone in front of the construction site next door. While I was pretty sure construction projects like this. one had been halted during the pandemic, the boys were hard at work and they expected a delivery of equipment and supplies shortly after. But with the. driver’s Renault Clio in the way, that wasn’t going to be possible. The resulting ruckus drew a policeman. who, after admonishing all involved for lack for proper facial protection gave the driver a warning and sent him on his way.

All in all, the situation more or less resolved itself. Faced with a mere warning, the driver accepted defeat and moved on. But I know that can be the exception just as often as it is the rule. Parking gets tough, especially in cramped city streets and even more so in the midst of a crisis that’s shortening everyone’s tempers. I know it. You know it. George Costanza knows it better than anyone.

So have you been less lucky than the driver below my balcony? Let us know just how badly parking has gone for you in the comments below!

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.


emilminty drives an E30 and a 200SX

It means admitting that I owned a red Cavalier, but I’ll post anyway. Parked in front of my house in Philadelphia. Police were chasing a frozen poultry delivery truck the wrong way up the cross street, hit a car in the intersection, hit the car parked behind me, which then slammed into my car hard enough to crush the rear crumple zone and most of the front. Car was totaled. Later received $$ in a class action lawsuit because the insurance company was systematically screwing owners in my area.

But it did make the paper!

(The happy ending is that it was replaced with an Outback Sport, which is one of the best cars I’ve ever owned.)