What's The Unofficial Car Of Your Town?

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Forget the official statistics about your country's most popular vehicles, what's the unofficial car in your city or town?


For Baku, Azerbaijan, apparently the car of choice is 'any Mercedes' as reader TurbulentFlow explains.

I spent 3.5 weeks in Baku last month. That place is crawling with Mercedes. Seriously 50% of the cars on the road are old or new Mercedes sedans. It's their "aspirational car", so as soon as someone has the means to trade in their Lada for a 1994 E320 they do it. I also saw loads of G-Wagens, and a handful of Ferraris, Masaratis, and more. My hotel was on the city's main drag across from the mall, so I got to see everyone stuntin'. I even have a video of what I believe to be a wedding procession that included at least three G-Wagens, one went roaring right past me.

The highlight was probably seeing a 6-series drifting through an intersection in a 4-wide turning lane with a Quattroporte right on its heels.

Interesting. I think Manhattan is a last-gen black S550 Benz, angry Wall Street scowl and all.

What's the ride of choice where you live?

Photo Credit: Dan Nevill (Baku, 2008)



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